Washington Family Genealogy
Tracing the royal ancestry of the Washington Family
down through the centuries from before 439AD.
0*** to before 0439AD: Eochy Munrevar (Eugenius), King of Dalrieda.

Before 0439 to 958: a hereditary line of Kings of Scotland descended from Eochy Munrevar.

958 to 1034: Malcolm II, King of Scotland. A continuation of the hereditary line of Scottish Kings.

1043 to 1045: Bethoc (Beatrix), Queen of Scotland. Daughter of Malcolm II, she was born in Angus in 984 and married Crinan the Thane, “Mormaer of Atholl”. He was born in 975 and died in battle in 1045 in Dunkeld, Scotland. He was the Abbott of Dunkeld. Their eldest son, King Duncan of Scotland, died unmarried c1043.

Maldred of Scotland, Lord of Allendale and Carlisle, and King of the Cumbrians. The Washington Line is descended from this Maldred. He was the younger son of Beatrix, Queen of Scotland and Crinan the Thane. Born in 1009 or 1015 at Dunbar he was slain in battle in 1045 alongside his father. He married Aeglithia (Ealdgyth) of Northumbria sometime between 1030 and 1038. She was also known as Edith of Northumberland, and was the grand-daughter of Lady Godiva of Mercia. Her father was Ughtred of Northumberland and her grandfather was King Ethelred II. Maldred’s eldest brother became Duncan I, King of Scotland and was killed by Macbeth. Macbeth was succeeded by Duncan’s two sons: Malcolm III, King of Scotland, and Donald III, King of Scotland. Their story was immortalised by Shakespeare.

1066: The Norman Invasion and Conquest. Radical changes occurred in England and Scotland as a result of the Norman Invasion. The people of the North did not accept William the Conqueror as their new King and the opposing forces clashed at the Battle of Shaden’s Hill in 1068, on the northern boundary of Washington, Tyne and Wear. William the Conqueror won, his weapons were better than ours. The Danes and the Scots helped us fight the battle so we didn’t stand alone. Some of the fighting was on the Black Fell, but the main fighting was on Shadens Hill. Those survivors who weren’t able to flee were slaughtered, whole families of them. Widespread famine followed and corpses rotted where they fell, there was no-one left to bury them. The North of England became virtually uninhabited as people were either slaughtered, fled or died of famine. This state of affairs lasted for nine years. Had William had the Doomsday Book compiled a few years earlier than he did then the pages for the North of England would have been left completely blank.

Maldred, Lord of Allendale. Born around 1039, he was the elder son of Maldred of Scotland and Edith of Northumberland. He received Winlaton from the Bishop of Durham in 1084. His younger brother, Gospatrick, who was born about 1040, bought the Earldom of Northumbria from William the Conqueror. The cost was high; the betrayal of his cousin, Malcolm III King of Scotland, and his Scottish ancestry. This is the story of the betrayal: Malcolm III King of Scotland was using Cumberland and Westmoreland as a base for raids against William the Conqueror in 1070. To prove his loyalty to William the Conqueror, Gospatrick plundered Cumberland and slaughtered the inhabitants. He then returned with his plunder to his fortress at Bamburgh Castle. Malcolm took his revenge, not against his cousin Gospatrick but against the people of Northern England! He was no better than William the Conqueror, he slaughtered what few inhabitants were left or took them as slaves. This incident became known as “King Malcolm’s Revenge”.  That Gospatrick was created the First Earl of Dunbar (whose Coat of Arms is Gules a Lion Rampant Argent) by his cousin King Malcolm of Scotland leads to the speculation that they were perhaps playing “War Games” at the cost of the Northern English.

Uchtred fitz Maldred. Not a lot is known about Uchtred fitz Maldred. He was the son of Maldred, Lord of Allendale and married Athelreda, born in Dunbar yet reputed to be an English Princess. He died in 1128/9.
Dolfin fitz Uchtred, Lord Raby. Not a lot is known about Dolfin fitz Uchtred. He was the son of Uchtred fitz Maldred and married Adilicia (Alice) of Durham, whose father is said to have been Walcher, Bishop of Durham who was burnt to death in 1080 when a mob set alight a church he was in. Dolfin fitz Uchtred was appointed Lord of Raby in 1131 and died in 1136. The “Dolfin” part of his name is a reference to “the House of Dunbar”.

Sir Patrick fitz Dolfin Raby. Born before 1136 at Hertburn, he was a younger son of Dolfin fitz Uchtred. He died around 1190. Upon his marriage to Cecily de Offerton he became known as Sir Patrick de Offerton and Hirsel. The lands of Offerton stand across the River Wear from Washington. He also had estates in Scotland, including Le Hirsel which lies on the north bank of the River Tweed two miles NW of Coldstream. (Today Le Hirsel is the seat of the Earls of Hume. The 14th Earl, Sir Alec Douglas Hume, was British Prime Minister 1963-1964.)

Sir William fitz Patrick de Hertburn. The eldest son of Sir Patrick fitz Dolfin Raby he was born about 1150 in Hertburn, near Stockton-on-Tees, and died about 1194. Upon his first marriage he gained lands at Stockton-on-Tees. His second marriage was to his kinswoman Marjory (Margaret) de Huntingdon, Countess of Richmond. She was also born around 1150 and this was her third marriage. Countess Margaret was sister to William the Lion, King of Scotland, and Malcolm IV the Maiden King of Scotland. Her father was Henry, Earl of Northumberland and Huntingdon and her paternal grandfather was David I, the Saint King of Scotland. Her youngest brother, David Earl of Huntingdon, was the ancestor of the de Bruce and Balliol families. Sir William and Countess Margaret shared the same Great-great-great-great Grandparents; Beatrix, Queen of Scotland and Crinan the Thane. The Washington family name was acquired in 1183 when William fitz Patrick de Hertburn assumed tenancy of the Washington lands from the Bishop of Durham at a cost of four ponds per year. It was to his advantage to accept Washington in exchange for his Stockton lands since he was already heir to the lands at Offerton, which lie just across the River Wear from Washington. It was upon his acquisition of the Washington lands in 1183 that Sir William fitz Patrick de Hertburn became William de Wessynton I.

The Washington Line Continues: William de Wessington I was succeeded by direct male descendents and their families until the death of his great-great-great-great grandson, Sir William de Wessington V in 1399. As he and his wife, Alina, did not have a male heir the Washington Manor passed into the hands of the Tempest family, when their daughter Eleanor married Sir William Tempest, a relative from Yorkshire. However, as Sir William Tempest also died without leaving a male heir the Washington Manor then passed into the hands of the Mallory family when their daughter Dyonisia Tempest married William Mallory, Lord of Hutton Conyers. As Dyonisia was heiress to Studley Royal as well as Washington Manor, upon their marriage William Mallory became Lord of Hutton Conyers, Lord of Studley Royal and Lord of Washington Manor. They named their first daughter Jane Mallory.

George Washington, the First President of the United States of America, was descended from William de Wessington I.

William de Wessington I had a grandson, William de Wessington III. A younger son of William de Wessington III married Joan de Stickland in 1292. She was heiress to Carnforth, in Warton, Lancashire. It is from this union that George Washington, the First President of the United States of America, is descended.

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