Let us continue on the final part of our Sunday Morning Walk
We are now walking down the other side of the Home Bank into the Village proper. To our left is the picturesque Old School House.
Across the road from the Old School House is  the Washington Old Hall. This was the ancestral home of George Washington, the First President of the United States of America.
The present Washington Old Hall was built in the early 1600's on top of the original Norman foundations. American Independence Day is celebrated here every year. It is a popular event.
The Old School House
Entrance to
the Old Hall
The Old Hall
This view of the Old Hall is taken from the bottom garden. It was a pleasure to sit and soak up the atmosphere. Two friendly cats came and kept me company.
The Old Hall
These two houses are in the grounds of the Old Hall. Years ago they were caretakers' cottages. Later on the house at the right was the Visitors' Gift Shop.
The Holy Trinity Church is to the left of the Old Hall.  It is also known as The Church on the Hill. I was both christened and married here.
In the 1950's the Old Smithy was still a blacksmith's forge. Since then it has been a pottery shop, a restaurant  and a sweet shop. Walking home from school I would sometimes call in to buy some sweeties.
We have come full circle and arrived back at the Village Green.  On weekends in the Summer lots of people congregate here. The Cross Keys and The Washington Arms (off the photo to the right) have a good share of the visitors.
The Old Hall Cottages
The Church on the Hill
The Old Smithy
The Cross Keys
The Green Library
As I begin my walk back up Village Lane I turn around for a last look at The Village Green. I will carry these memories back to Australia with me.
The Washington Village Green
I arrive back home at my Mam's, wet but happy. I can smell Sunday's dinner. Roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes, vegetables and superb gravy. I wish I was there now.
My Mam's House
My Mam
Thankyou for keeping me company on my Sunday morning walk.

The photographs are Copyright
Audrey Fletcher 1999

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