A Sunday Morning Walk
around Old Washington
August 1999
The weather was dismal but I didn't allow it to dampen my spirits!
Going out the back way.
My Mam is in the kitchen cooking Sunday dinner.
Heading down Village Lane towards The Black Bush, now called The Poacher's Pocket.
Continuing on down Village Lane.
I hope that the rain holds off!
The Village is in sight. The Post Office is on the left and straight ahead is the Smithy.
The Village.The Cross Keys pub is on the corner and the Library where I used to work is further along to the right.
The Village Green. It is said that Jane Atkinson, the Washington Witch, was dunked here.
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Looking across from the side of the Cross Keys to the Old Smithy, and the Holy Trinity Church on the hill behind the trees.
Looking back at the Village from Spout Lane. The buildings are very old and lend character to the area. Freddie Bell had his shop here.
Looking across the Village Green to the old Police Station and the Washington Arms. The road turns into Glebe Crescent, also called The Turn.
The Old Smithy stands sentinel in the Village. It was here that the highwayman, Robert Hazlitt, was apprehended in 1770.
This is the old sandpit  around The Crescent, opposite the Cemetery. Traditionally the bairns used to roll their hard boiled eggs down the slopes here at Easter.
The Cemetery viewed through the railings. It was soul destroying to see the vandalism.  The Old Cemetery is over the wall at the right.
My Mam's house
Village Lane
Village Lane
Village Lane
The Cross Keys
The Village Green
The Village
The Village
The Village
The Smithy
The Old Sandpit
The Cemetery