Welcome to the
Roxy Music Concert
in Adelaide,
South Australia
17 August 2001
Chris Spedding, Bryan Ferry, Paul Thompson and Zev Katz
Phil Manzanera
Julia Thornton, Andy Mackay 
and Lucy Wilkins
Bryan Ferry, Zev Katz and Andy Mackay
Bryan Ferry, Colin Good and Chris Spedding
Colin Good, Phil Manzanera, Chris Spedding and Bryan Ferry
Chris Spedding, Zev Katz, Bryan Ferry, Paul Thompson,
Andy Mackay and Julia Thornton
Sarah Brown, Bryan Ferry, Phil Manzanera and Chris Spedding
Phil Manzanera and Chris Spedding
A radiant Bryan Ferry
Saturday 18 August 2001

Last night Roxy Music was in town, playing at the Adelaide Entertainment Centre. I wondered if they would play to a packed house, after all there hadn't been a great deal of promotion evident ... no billboards or flyers at the Bass outlets and no indication at the venue that Roxy would be appearing there. I need not have worried though, the Roxy fans turned out in force.

We waited in anticipation for the curtain to go up, well, to be drawn aside. Bryan Ferry came on stage, looking as handsome and debonair as always, and sporting a new hairstyle. From that moment he was in perfect control. He cut a dashing figure in his black outfit.

The set and lighting were brilliant. The cascades of colours and the live photographic backdrop filled the senses. The music was almost tangible, spiriting the audience to a new dimension of appreciation. There was Lucy Wilkins giving a sensational solo performance on her violin, Andy Mackay superb on his sax and Phil Manzanera creating a storm on his guitar.

Yet it was Bryan who stole the show with his impeccable performance. You can always tell when he begins to enjoy himself : how he lights up when he smiles! He added the personal touch by going to the wings and waving enthusiastically to the audience. They waved their arms and shouted back, some started dancing.

A few fans danced in front of the stage, but only those who had their seats down there anyway. No one else was allowed down. Staff were strategically place to prevent them. Never mind, they danced in the aisles instead! I thought that this was a sad state of affairs as Bryan likes to encourage audience participation in front of the stage.

The mood created by the mix of the lighting, music and the polished performance of Bryan Ferry was enthralling. In fact the audience became so caught up, that for the final twenty minutes or so of the show everyone was out of their seats and on their feet enjoying themselves.

Not surprisingly it was Bryan's rendition of "Jealous Guy" that brought the house down. His performance was brilliant. The sheer joy of the moment was beamed across his face and I almost melted in my shoes just looking at him!

The show ended all too soon in a somewhat low key fashion, each performer waving and leaving separately. Personally I think "Do the Strand" should be their final performance of the evening, with everyone taking a bow together, and leaving the audience on a high.

Still it was one hour and thirty-eight minutes of heaven while it lasted.
Thanks Bryan.

Signed: A Washington Lass
Copyright Audrey Fletcher 2001

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