Washington Grammar School
"The Pirates of Penzance"
April 1938
The following photographs are courtesy of
Matty Morris
He scanned them from an original programme of
the 1938 Washington Grammar School production of
"The Pirates of Penzance".

Please allow a moment for the photographs to load.
The Washington Grammar School was renowned for its lavish productions, and certainly this was no exception.
The students would have been looking towards a bright and happy future but unfortunately World War Two was looming on the horizon.
These fine yougsters would have supported Britain in any way they could and many of them would have given their lives for their country.
It is a tribute to themselves and their families that we can remember them as they once were: young, happy and carefree.
The reader will notice that full names were not given on the programme, which must have been disappointing for parents,
relatives and friends. However, this was part of the
school culture.
Even when I was there in the 1960s, boys were always
referred to by their surnames, while the girls were always
referred to by their Christian names.

Many of the surnames on the programme are familiar.
The students were from local families.

I wonder, do you recognize any of your family members?

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