Pork, the suggested cause
of Multiple Sclerosis

"There are no pigs in Heaven"

By Audrey Fletcher
Copyright 2001

Is Pork the Cause of Multiple Sclerosis?

What is Multiple Sclerosis?

Multiple Sclerosis, more commonly referred to as MS, is a progressive disease of the nervous system. In a healthy person the nerve fibres are coated with a fatty substance, called the myelin sheath. In MS patients, this myelin coating is gradually broken down by inflamed nerve cells. As a result nerve signals to and from the brain are disrupted.

Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis

The symptoms of MS are not unlike those of diabetes and impending stroke victims. They include vision, balance, speech and urinary problems. In addition there could be mood changes, and muscle spasms.

The HHV-6 Virus as an Immediate Cause
of Multiple Sclerosis.

On November 24th 1997 there was a press release in which a Herpes Virus Strain, HHV-6, was identified as a “trigger” of MS. HHV-6 stands for Human Herpes Virus-6.

“Scientists believe that there may be a point in time during the progression of MS when the virus, which lies dormant in the body for years, reactivates …(and) that the reactivation of HHV-6 virus may be associated with the breakdown of the protective covering of nerves, called myelin.”

Click here to read the full press release “Herpes Virus Strain Identified as a Trigger in Multiple Sclerosis”

Treatment of the HHV-6 Virus

Almost one year later, on October 19th 1998, ABCNEWS.com announced that there was a readily available treatment to fight the HHV-6 virus. Moreover a blood test had been developed to indicate when the HHV-6 virus reactivated.

“When Marie Brancato was diagnosed with MS last year, her blood test revealed plenty of active HHV-6. Now, since she’s been taking an anti-viral drug twice-a-day, there’s no sign of it.”

Click here to read the complete article by John McKenzie “The Key to Multiple Sclerosis?”

Herpes Virus Diagnostic Online

Two years later, on November 13th 2000 “ViraCor” published an article in which the results of a study were reported. The study showed that people with MS had a significantly higher incidence of active HHV-6 than the control group.

It was confirmed in the article that the effectiveness of an anti-viral drug on the suppression of HHV-6 could be monitored by blood sample analysis.

Click here to read the complete article “New Research in Multiple Sclerosis"

In another ViraCor” article entitled “What is Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6)?” recent studies demonstrated that active HHV-6 infections are not seen in healthy people.

“Recent studies have revealed active HHV-6 infections in single, random blood samples taken from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients (56% positive) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients (39% positive).Normal, healthy controls were negative for active HHV-6 virus (0% positive). This is a significant finding and demonstrates that active HHV-6 infections are not seen in healthy people without these disease associations.”

Click here to read the complete article "What is Human Herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6)?"

An excellent summary by ViraCor, entitled “HHV-6 and Multiple Sclerosis” is a must for everyone to read. In this article Vira Cor conclude that:

“ … a sizeable proportion of patients with MS suffer from active, disseminated infections of HHV-6, including infection of their CNS. We believe that this infection may be the fundamental cause of the disease, which raises the possibility that MS may be amenable to effective treatment with pharmacologic agents capable of suppressing the replication of HHV-6.”

Click here to read the full summary of “HHV-6 and Multiple Sclerosis”

New Hope with the Latest Research in the HHV-6 Virus

In a recent email from a friend, Andy Dennis, in the UK dated August 4th 2001, he said:

“One treatment reported in our press this week shows some promise. The part of
the Central Nervous System damaged by MS is the covering of the nerves known
as the myelin sheath. It has been discovered that the myelin sheath covering
the lower leg nerves is much tougher than that in the rest of the body.
Therefore experiments have been carried out where myelin from the lower leg
has been used to prepare injections elsewhere in the body with "promising"

The Geographical Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis

MS is most prevalent in South Australia and New Zealand as well as Northern Europe, the USA and Canada.

Common Factors associated with the Geographical Incidence of Multiple Sclerosis

It is logical to assume that unless MS is hereditary, any sort of interference with the nervous system must have an external cause. Looking at the geography of the disease there must be a common factor or factors.

Suggested common factors in the geographical distribution are:

The spread of Western Civilization
The spread of Christianity

Since MS was around before atomic radiation, that factor can be immediately erased as a cause of MS.

Similarly, although it would appear to be a Caucasian disease,  Race as the cause of MS can be crossed off the list because ultimately MS does not discriminate between Races.

That leaves the spread of Western Civilization, the spread of Christianity and Diet to be considered as the common factors in the geographical distribution of MS.

Significantly, each of these factors is linked to the remaining two, by
one common denominator … Pork!

As outlined above, a lot of research has recently been done into the HHV-6 virus as the immediate cause of MS. Normally the HHV-6 virus lies dormant in the body but in MS patients it is reactivated.

As Pork is the common denominator in the geographical distribution of MS could it just be possible that it is Pork (including Pork products and/or pork by-product) which is the agent which reactivates the HHV-6 virus?

Why do Christians eat Pork?

Why is that in places which embrace Western Civilization, and ergo Christianity, the people eat Pork? After all, in the other major religions of the world … Judaism, Buddhism, and Islam … the eating of Pork is strictly prohibited. In Hinduism a vegetarian diet is recommended but not enforced.

Christians inherited many of their beliefs from the Jews, but only those which suited them. Jews have very strict food laws, including not eating pork, camel, rabbit or hare … the reason being that they do not have the three safe attributes:
“whatsoever parteth the hoof, and is clovenfooted, and cheweth the cud among the beasts, that shall ye eat.” Leviticus 11v3

However the prohibition not only includes the consumption of pork, it extends for example, to the contamination of clothes, cooking vessels and water. To break the prohibition means that a person becomes “unclean”, in other words, becomes ill.

The Jews inherited their food laws from the Ancient Egyptians, who had many thousands of years in which to document a guide to safe food eating. When the Ancient Egyptians created the constellations they did not include the pig. There are no pigs in heaven!

For a full account of the Ancient Egyptian and Jewish food laws see
"Leviticus 11".

Click here to learn more about “Ancient Egyptians and the Constellations”

The question remains: Why did Christians decide
to disregard these ancient food laws?
The answer lies in "Acts".

The first hint of a rejection of the food laws is found in Acts 10v9-16, where it is recorded that Peter visited Cornelius. When Peter went to prey he became hungry, then fell into a trance. He saw heaven open and a great vessel descend holding all manner of beasts. A voice bid Peter to eat but he refused on the grounds that he had never eaten anything common or unclean. The voice replied: “What God hath cleansed, that call not thou uncommon.”

The final rejection of the food laws (and indeed of most of the Jewish Law) is found in
Acts 15v24-29, where the meeting of the Council at Jerusalem is recorded. The rejection comes in response to the Jewish element directing that the Gentile Christians should be circumcised and keep the Law. However the leaders of the fledgling Church claimed that they had given no such commandment, considering that keeping to the Jewish Law was a subversion of the soul. Instead it was decided:

“… to lay upon you no greater burden than these necessary things; that ye abstain from meats offered to idols, and from blood, and from things strangled, and from fornication …” Acts 15v29,29.

The death knell would have sounded for the early Christian Church had its leaders insisted that their new Gentile members be circumcised and keep the Jewish Law. They would have left in droves! Thus it was good strategy on the part of the Council at Jerusalem to rescind the Jewish Law.

The way was open for Christians to eat Pork!

The Side Effects of Eating Pork

The side effects of eating Pork are well documented and attested. Perhaps the most famous example is that of the Buddha who died from food poisoning after eating a pork dinner. Other side effects of eating Pork include: inflammation, itchiness, swelling, obesity, meningo-encephalitis, arthritis, focal granulomas or abscesses, body odour, bad breath, hot or cold flushes, headache, dizziness, heartburn, seizures, stroke, epilepsy, ocular cysts and myelopathy.

The parasitic Trichinae Worm, which is also referred to as the Pork Worm, is responsible for some horrific deaths among humans who eat Pork. From the stomach the worm gradually invades  the muscular system, but the side effects are often attributed to other causes. Eventually the lava mature into worms, die and calcify, forming cysts. At this stage the disease is called “Cysticercosis”. However when the encysted worms are found on any of: the brain, spinal cord, the membranes enclosing the brain and spinal cord (meninges) or the eyes, then the disease is called “Neurocysticercosis”.

In an article “Pig Facts” the process of development of the Trichinae Worm is explained.

“The Trichinae is enclosed in a little cyst or sac, which, when taken into the stomach, is dissolved by the gastric juice …and … gradually works its way throughout the whole muscular system.
In five to seven days the larvae mature in the muscles of the human body. When they finish their life cycle they become encysted into the internal organs of the host.
The pork worm is unable to be detected with the human eye and most pathologists have reported that there is a possibility for nearly half a million of trichinae to be found in each pound of muscle tissue of the host.”

Click here to read the complete article “Pig Facts"

If the above link shows  "The page cannot be found" Click here and type Trichinae Worm into the search box provided. After you cllick on the "Google Search" button, "Pig Facts" will appear at the top of the page. Do NOT click on the title. CLICK ON THE WORD "Cached" instead ... and a cached copy of "Pig Facts" will be presented.

In another article entitled “Neurosurgery on the Web” Dr. A. Vincent Thamburaj defines Cysticercosis, outlines the clinical features and diagnosis, radiological appearance and treatment.

“Cysticercosis is probably the most common parasitic infestation of the human nervous system. Humans acquire the infestation by eating infected undercooked pork (measly pork). Cysticercosis is acquired by ingestion of eggs … of the pork tapeworm … either by ingestion of contaminated salads or water, or by auto infection due to ano-oral contamination or reverse peristalsis. Tapeworm infestation can occur only in nonvegetarians, but Cysticercosis may occur in vegetarians also.”

Click here to read the complete article “Neurosurgery on the Web”

By-products of the Pig

It is not only the consumption of Pork and Pork products which can be harmful, there are also the by-products of Pig to be considered.  For example: emulsifiers, soap, shampoos and hair conditioners, liquid make-up and face creams, toothpaste and shaving cream. All of these Pig by-products are absorbed into the body, mainly through the skin. In the case of toothpaste they are taken in through the mouth, and perhaps like me, you might even swallow the toothpaste rinse water, using it as a mouth wash.

Click here to learn more about Pig by-products
in the article
"Everything But the Oink"

Ancient Egyptian food laws, which were inherited by the Jews, were rejected by the early Christian Church. As a result it became admissable for Christians to eat Pork ... with the dire consequence that Pork is the possible cause of MS.
In a Westernized and/or Christian society Pork, Pork products and Pig by-products are in everyday use. We use them without realising it, we are bombarded by them. People in non-Westernized and/or non-Christian societies rarely, if ever, eat Pork or use Pork products, and rarely, if ever, suffer from Muscular Sclerosis. It makes a person think:

“Is Pork the activator for HHV-6 and Muscular Sclerosis?”

*   *   *

An addendum

Research into
Diabetes shows that in the past 130 years, there has been a steady increase in fats and simple sugars in the American diet. And, this increase mirrors the increase in the incidence of Diabetes. It has been suggested that the way to stop the epidemic of diabetes is to change the eating habits of Americans. This would entail a decrease in the fat intake (meat and milk) and an increase in the intake of complex carbohydrates (unprocessed fruits and vegetables, unrefined grains … pasta and whole wheat bread)

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Please email me, especially if you have MS
but know with absolute certainty
that you have NEVER contaminated your body
with Pork, Pork products or Pork by-products.

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This research is dedicated to Andy Dennis. He was in the 1959 intake at the Washington Grammar School, Tyne Wear, England.