American Independence Day
at the
Washington Old Hall
4th July 2002

Photos taken by Audrey Fletcher
2: The Ceremony
An excerpt from the American Declaration of Independence is
read by Nick Dolan of the National Trust.
Ceremonial planting of a Tree in Remembrance of
September 2001,
by students from Washington School and
CD Hylton Senior High School, Virginia, USA.
The Tree in Remembrance of the innocent people
who died in the September 11 2001 terrorist attack
upon the United States of America.
The Washington School Band preparing to provide
the accompaniment for the American National Anthem.
Everyone stands to sing the American National Anthem
"The Star Spangled Banner".
Daniel Marsden reads from Martin Luther King's
"The Dream" ... a nation for all people ...
"American Pie" is sung by John Dilley,
a teacher at Washington School.
"Street Scene" and "Summertime" were performed by
Nicola Hunter and Alyx Bell.
The excitement is felt as the
Raising of the Flag Ceremony begins.
Everyone looks on as the American Flag is raised.
As everyone applauds, Ian Lane thanks the
student representatives for their important and significant
contribution to the July 4th 2002 celebrations.
Everyone joins in singing the chorus of
"The Battle Hymn of the Republic"
An address "Hands Across the Atlantic" is given by
Rodney Thomas, an American Minister.
An entertaining medley of American songs is given by
students of the Washington Village Primary School.
Ian Lane brings the 4th July 2002 Celebrations to a close
and thanks everyone for attending.
Getting Ready
Packing Up
Photographs Copyright
Audrey Fletcher 2002

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